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Covid Safe Work Place Practices

Thursday, August 27, 2020 | Added by Agent Kay - Frog in Black
Covid Safe Work Place Practices

If your business is finding it tricky to navigate COVID-19 workplace rules and guidance, you are not alone!

All workers, regardless of their occupation or how they are engaged, have the right to a healthy and safe working environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic requires a focused approach to work health and safety as it applies to businesses, workers and others in the workplace.  To keep our workplaces healthy and safe, businesses must, in consultation with workers, and their representatives, assess the way they work to identify, understand and quantify risks and to implement and review control measures to address those risks.

The Australian Government Coronavirus (Covid-19) is your first port of call to gather essential information, keep up-to-date with corona virus alerts, news, health alerts and advice, restrictions and safety advice.

As COVID-19 restrictions become more relaxed, businesses, workers and other duty holders must work together to adapt and promote safe work practices, consistent with advice from health authorities, to ensure their workplaces are ready for the social distancing and exemplary hygiene measures that will be an important part of the transition.

Businesses and workers must actively control against the transmission of COVID-19 while at work, consistent with the latest advice from the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC), including considering the application of a hierarchy of appropriate controls where relevant.

1. Physical distancing

Keeping 1.5 metres distance, reducing physical contact including face-to-face meetings, rearranging the workplace to space out workers and consider working in shifts to minimise numbers in the workplace.

2. Handwashing and hygiene

Appropriate supplies should be provided including soap and hand sanitiser and display posters for the workplace to remind workers of good hygiene practices

3. Cleaning

Frequently touched objects should be cleaned with disinfectant throughout the day, and cleaning of high traffic areas at least daily.

4. Monitoring symptoms

Posters informing workers of symptoms of COVID-19 should be displayed and a protocol of staying at home if unwell and self-reporting any concerns should be fostered.

As Australia begins to gradually relax the restrictions that have been put in place over the last few months, it’s important you continue to keep your employees and your community safe. With COVID-19 updates occurring regularly across each state and territory, we must work together to promote a COVID-safe workplace and comply with advice and regulations.

Working within our buildings, please be assured that we have, and will continue to practice every Covid-safe recommendation to keep our staff, tenants and visitors safe during these times.

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