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Does your Business have an Environmental Conscience?

Monday, March 02, 2015 | Added by Agent Kay - Frog in Black
Does your Business have an Environmental Conscience?

The last 10 years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of office buildings designed and developed with new environmental standards in mind. The industry standard for new environmental credentials is a Green Star rating, a rating that since 2003, has certified more than 5.5 million square metres of building area.

So what are the benefits of leasing in a Green Star building? The Green Building Council of Australia reports that Green Star certified buildings produce 62% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, use 65% less electricity and use 51% less potable water. The equivalent of removing 172,000 cars from the road and saving enough potable water to fill 1,300 Olympic sized swimming pools every year[i].

Key elements to a Green Star rated building include smart design, natural light and ventilation, private kitchens with filtered water, high speed lifts and sensor LED lighting, which all provide the latest in thermal and acoustic comfort for employees.

A key-correlating factor reported in the IPD Australian Green Investment Property Index found Green Star buildings outperformed the rest of the office market by 170 basis points and delivered returns 1.7% higher than non-green buildings[ii].

A Green Star rating is proven to have more than just environmental benefits, with direct business impacts including increased employee productivity and lower operating costs – a bonus for all business.

Maylake are proud to be a proactive landlord, offering much more than just an office space.

Isn’t it time you made the switch to a Maylake office?

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