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How Maylake is Different from other Landlords in the Marketplace

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 | Added by Agent Kay - Frog in Black
How Maylake is Different from other Landlords in the Marketplace

We pride ourselves on our point of difference in the commercial leasing market here on the Gold Coast. We are proud to say we personally own, lease and manage our quality professional office buildings in both Surfers Paradise and Southport.


Some key features we offer when you join the Maylake Community.


Our New Community eNews

An opportunity at no charge for you to promote your business through our Maylake Community eNews electronic mail out to our tenants within all our buildings, we call it Business to Business Networking and promotion. We also hold an annual networking event and the occasional drinks at our office or on the balcony, a great chance to meet other like minded professional business people.


Maintenance and Repairs

Tenant friendly maintenance and repairs reporting system, fast and efficient service where you can report direct from our website at www.maylake.com.au just click the link here http://www.maylake.com.au/pages/maintenance-request or go to the contact us tab on the website. Then you just fill in the form and press send, we take care of the rest and we keep you informed of the progress. We also have full maintenance contracts in place for items as Air-Conditioning, Lifts, and Fire Services, ensuring they are reliable and working within requirements and regularly serviced. Our cleaning team are also full time employees who take great pride in their work.


Professional Image

We have an asset management plan in place to ensure a modern look and well presented professional image for your business. This includes modern bathrooms kept clean and tidy and we offer shower facilities for your staff who may use the local gym or ride to work in both Kay house and Elkhorn Centre East.


Need room to Grow

How is your current space, staff with no room to move ? Is your current landlord flexible with growth within their building or are you just a number? Can you up-size where space is available, will they help you with your design or layout?

We offer all of the above subject to leasing within our property portfolio and available space. Ask Sarah for further details. 


In the right company

Do your neighbors compliment you or are they bringing your image down. Has your landlord dropped the standard and just rented to anyone ? We offer a professional image and right in the heart of the business districts of both Surfers Paradise and Southport. We are very particular with the tenants we select for our buildings  and  consider our existing tenants / businesses when going through the selection process.


Nil out-goings

The fine print…... is your rent inclusive of all costs, nil outgoings or will you be receiving an additional bill for a % percentage of the buildings running costs, in reality part of the buildings common power, air-conditioning, Insurances, maintenance etc... The real unknown from year to year with escalating price rises that you will not know until the bill arrives !


What’s your next step?

If you want a locally based landlord that personally manages and maintains their buildings, who can provide a professional commercial home for your business.



Join Sarah for a coffee to discuss your individual requirements and let us help you to find the perfect location


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