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Keep Your Workforce Healthy this Winter

Thursday, July 02, 2015 | Added by Agent Kay - Frog in Black
Keep Your Workforce Healthy this Winter

Winter is well and truly upon us and along with it, comes the dreaded flu season. A flu outbreak can greatly impede a small business or a close-knit office, seeing staff drop like flies. The result can have a huge affect on your bottom line with decreased productivity and increased leave.

Employers can implement simple strategies to combat flu outbreaks and ensure that employees are best prepared for this winter illness.

Steps to keep your employees healthy this winter include:

  • Update your policies – review your company sick policy to ensure staff are not penalized for staying home
  • Vaccination programs - as part of your healthy workplace program recommend staff seek professional medical advice from their medical practitioner with regard to flu vaccination programs and alternatives
  • Develop a wellness program – encourage your staff to be healthy with a program that offers onsite health checks, gym memberships and supplied fresh fruit
  • Send sick workers home – if someone is showing flu symptoms, send them home to rest and encourage workers to stay home if ill
  • Promote hygiene and keep the workplace clean – simple hygiene like hand washing and sanitizing gel can keep your workplace illness-free
  • Make the most of technology – if staff feel okay to work and would rather stay home to prevent germs from spreading, activate a work from home strategy using remote desktop connections.

These proactive strategies will help prevent the flu from spreading within the workplace and protect employees from illness.

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