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Lights, Camera, Action !

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 | Added by Agent Kay - Frog in Black
Lights, Camera, Action !

It was Lights, Camera, Action with the fabulous team at VMBiz.......

Last month we had a blast making our new video commercials for Elkhorn Centre West.

The official launch was held at our Annual Networking Event held at the Elkhorn Centre in Surfers Paradise on the 11th November 2015.

We thank Craig and his team from VMBiz again, they were absolutely fabulous to work with and made the entire process fun.

Lorraine our CEO with Jessica, Sarah and Lauren feature in our Video commercials. We now have all four of our buildings showcased, from the 15 and 30 second short promo's to the 2 minute full commercials.

organised the lot from Pre-Production, Creativity, Copywriting, Video shoot, post production adn then delivery of our new commercials.

It was a fun process starting with the script, that was the easy part the team know all the features and benefits of a Maylake owned commercial office building, as we sat with the guys over coffee taking lots of notes we were then sent a draft of the script a few tweeks and it was done. Then came stage 2 choosing the voice over... so many to choose from after listening to to about 20 different selections we found the right person.

Stage 3 - This was for VMBiz, Craig and his professional crew carried out a sight visit including the surrounding area filming along the way, preparing for filming day.

Stage 4 - Filming day! Time for us all to meet on site, we had been studying out script...practicing our walking, entering and exiting....oops take 2 oops take 3, nailed it !!! with our part done it was now for the post production team and the cutting room floor! I think the biggest thing for us was getting used to being filmed with out laughing. Now that was harder than you think :-)

As much as we cringe when we see the commercials ( more about seeing ourselves on screen I think ) we are very happy with the results a professional selection video commercial showcasing Elkhorn Centre West and Elkhorn Centre East in Surfers Paradise and Kay House and The Scarborough Centre in Southport.

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