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Making the Most of Your Office Space

Friday, January 16, 2015 | Added by Agent Kay - Frog in Black
Making the Most of Your Office Space

Does your Landlord Work for You?

A quality working relationship with your landlord is always ideal and even better, a landlord that cares and works for your business – which is a rarity in the present commercial leasing world.

Maylake are dedicated to providing exceptional offices and along with this commitment, also actively promote tenants services and businesses. It’s Maylake’s goal to see tenants thrive and succeed and below are just some of the extras Maylake tenants benefit from.

Tenant Directory – Maylake’s tenant directory lists every business within a Maylake building and provides extra exposure for our clients.

Networking – Maylake coordinates regular networking events to connect tenants and create an internal marketing referral system. We love seeing our tenants support one another by doing business together and the sense of community at each event is overwhelming.

Newsletters and Social Media – Committed to regular communication, Maylake produces a monthly eNews, which is sent out to our subscriber list and features a ‘Tenant of the Month’. Maylake also uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn as key communication tools to promote tenants. Each Maylake building has its own personal Facebook page, managed by Maylake, which not only promotes businesses within each building, but also provides a space for employees from each business to connect and network.

Maylake are proud to be a proactive landlord, offering much more than just an office space. Isn’t it time you made the switch to a Maylake office?

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