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Promote Wellness in Your Workplace

Monday, July 06, 2015 | Added by Agent Kay - Frog in Black
Promote Wellness in Your Workplace

Employees who are happy and healthy are likely to take less leave and have greater productivity. Even with limited resources, there are many simple steps to promote wellness in the workplace that will impact favorably on your business bottom line.

Small wellness boosting gestures can include:

  • Fresh fruit once a week for staff or healthy snacks like nuts and protein balls to replace biscuits and cake in the tea room
  • Encouraging employees to take regular short breaks from their annual leave, preventing burnout and fatigue
  • Promote exercise – break daily for yoga or start a lunchtime walking group
  • Offer standing desks – sitting for long periods has serious health side affects and standing desks are associated with increased productivity and alertness
  • Encouraging regular stretch and move breaks – each hour get up and walk around for 1 minute – it really does make a difference
  • Promote a smoke-free workplace – ensure staff are aware that your workplace is smoke-free

More detailed program features could include:

  • Encouraging medical health checks that include annual reviews and action plans
  • Employee allowances for health programs and classes
  • Offering incentives for employees who are healthy as part of health checks
  • Being mindful of mental health – stress is linked to sleep disorders, high blood pressure and heart diseases. Offer assistance to employees who show symptoms.

Research shows that employee wellbeing directly influences work productivity, attendance and performance. Top performing companies regular measure health as part of employee reviews and utilising the above strategies, any size business can boost health and wellbeing in the workplace.

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