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Why Maylake is the best option for you!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 | Added by Agent Kay - Frog in Black
Why Maylake is the best option for you!

With over 20 years of successful experience behind us, there’s no better choice but Maylake when you need a professional and productive workplace environment for your business.

As Owners we are the very proud of all of our office buildings located in both Surfers Paradise and Southport, and with the recent completion of building refurbishments of Elkhorn Centre West, Kay House and The Scarborough Centre.

There are many benefits to choosing your new office from Maylake, but the most important one is; your staff will love you for it! Here are a few reasons why…


1. Our offices are in fantastic and convenient locations.

Firstly we have perfect locations to suit many alternative needs. Kay House and The Scarborough Centre are both located in Southport, which is in the central business district of the Gold Coast; making it a convenient location for businesses to set up work. Elkhorn Centre East and Elkhorn Centre West located in Surfers Paradise, one could say the heart of the Gold Coast and convenient for both employees and clients from the south and north of the coast a true lifestyle location. Each building is also conveniently located within a 2 minute walk of a G:link tram station, making travel to and from work more convenient.


2. By choosing Maylake, you’re helping to sustain the environment.

Our company does its best to be as environmentally friendly as possible in all aspects. But what do we actually do for the environment? Well firstly, we are located a 2 minute walk from the G:link tram station, so employees can lower their fuel consumption and greenhouse gases. Maylake also has sensor lighting and maximum natural light exposure throughout the building to reduce electricity usage. We also have natural ventilation and free bicycle parking, as well as offering complimentary office recycling rubbish service in all our office locations however, another plus for the environment. And lastly, we utilise rainwater tank storage to reduce water usage for such items as flushing the toilets and watering the plants, etc.


3. We respond to any tenant issues within 4 hours.

As a business ourselves we fully understand and appreciated how important it is to provide a fast-responding action to any issues they may arise having an impact on your office. We believe that this makes us outstanding compared to our competitors is the fact that we assure each of our tenants has a quick an easy on-line reporting system which enables us to respond to any tenant’s issues within hours. We even offer an emergency and after hours service.


4. We have a convenient webpage for tenants to report any maintenance issues.

Our tenant friendly maintenance and repairs reporting system is a fast and efficient service where you can report direct from our website at: http://www.maylake.com.au/pages/maintenance-request or go to the contact us tab on our website. Then you just fill in the form and press send, we take care of the rest and we keep you informed of the progress. We also have full maintenance contracts in place for items such as Air-Conditioning, Lifts, and Fire Services, to ensure they are reliable, working within requirements, and regularly serviced.


5. Tenants have the option of advertising their business through 3 of our distribution channels.

Maylake goes above and beyond to aid our clients; just one example of this is our new system put in place purely to help our tenants by allowing them to advertise their own business through us. And the best part is it’s for free!

Our 3 distribution channels for advertising our clients to both fellow tenants in the Maylake community and in some cases direct to the public include:

1.The Maylake monthly eNews

2.The Tenant Directory webpage on the Maylake website. Which you can access by clicking on the ‘Tenant Directories’ tab on this website: http://www.maylake.com.au/Index

3.The Maylake Facebook Business Centre Page, which you can access by clicking this link: https://www.facebook.com/MaylakePtyLtd/



6. We provide all our tenants with exceptional service and benefits.

Across all of our offices in Southport and Surfers Paradise, we offer advantages unique to each building, including;


* Free air conditioning

* Our tenants also pay no outgoing fees

* Our buildings are secure with 24/7 surveilance

* Kay House also offers a back-up generator on site

* Newly refurbished office suites and amenities

* Showers and lockers in Elkhorn Centre East available for staff comfort

* Shower facilities in Kay House

* Full disabled access

* Many with Private kitchens with filtered water systems



7. Maylake truly cares. 

We believe in giving back to the community and take pride in both our business and community support. We proudly sponsor the Southport Chamber of commerce and the Gold Coast Central Chamber of Commerce, however, we are extremely proud to support Vinnie CEO Sleepout last year our CEO Lorraine Lovatt with the fabulous assistance of the office team raised $9,451 for the Inaugural Gold Coast Vinnies CEO Sleepout.

For more information on last year’s sleepout click here: https://www.maylake.com.au/our-community

After reading this blog, how could you not choose Maylake!


Catch up with Sarah over a coffee to discuss letting us find the perfect business location for you.

Call 07 5528 5470 or 0499 255 553

Or alternatively visit our website: http://www.maylake.com.au/Index

And don’t forget to read our latest newsletter for the month of April, where we will be introducing you to the entire Maylake team.

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