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Your Short Guide to Leasing a Commercial Office

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 | Added by Agent Kay - Frog in Black
Your Short Guide to Leasing a Commercial Office

Obtaining a commercial lease is a big step in any business.

We’ve outlined the key steps to ensuring your commercial lease suits your business.

1. Consider your needs

It’s time to ask yourself, what are our business objectives? If developing a profitable business is important to you, its key you find an office space that will enable your business to expand and grow.

2. Your Business Image

Consider if your new office space suits your business image. Look closely at the condition of the building, find out how often maintenance is conducted and how frequently common areas are cleaned. Lastly, do your research on current tenants to ensure they compliment your business.

3. Stick to your Budget

Set a firm budget and study the fine print to ensure there are no hidden costs. Ask if the rent is all-inclusive or are you likely to receive additional bills for air conditioning, insurances and maintenance.

4. Inspection time

Once you’ve shortlisted your ideal Gold Coast commercial office space its time to make an initial enquiry and view the office. Review the lease and space carefully to ensure both meet your business needs.

5. Paperwork

You’ve taken your pick of the bunch of offices you’ve inspected, now gather together all the relevant paperwork including an expression of interest / offer to lease, fit out schedule etc. Spend time reviewing these and seek advice if any matters require clarification.

6. Get Professional Advice

Lease agreements aren’t always written in layman’s terms. It is strongly recommended you obtain independent legal and commercial advice before making any commitment.

7. Final Documentation

Review the final paperwork, ensure all terms have been agreed upon and before you sign, have your solicitor check that everything is included.

8. The Fun Part – Fit Out

Your new office space is yours! Start planning your new fit out and involve your team to boost morale.



“We found the owners very supportive throughout the whole process (leasing), which was a big draw for us. They’re proud of their building, which is evident in the final product”

said Paul Billing, Sales Director, TorFX.

Contact Maylake today to arrange an inspection of your ideal office space.


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