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Gold Coast Maylake's Agent Kay 'Frog in Black' has been out and about blogging. Keep up to date with his latest tips, tricks and advice....

Be the reason someone smiles today

The world today is a very different place to the one it was just a few months ago.  2020, so far, is not the year that anyone had imagined.So how can you make things better, more bearable for yourself and   View Article

5 ways to help motivate your team as they return to work and the new normal

5 ways to help motivate your team as they return to the new normal2020 has well and truly thrown many challenges our way. It can be hard for your teams to get back into the swing of things. There will be many   View Article

Work Life Balance in The Workplace

  The benefits of having a hobby other than work this month Lorraine shares with us her appreciation for a work life balance in the workplace, which only came about after a health scare some 10 years ago now…     View Article

New Year... New Look!

A change of pace this month. To keep up with the ever changing trends and our love of business networking, our CEO Lorraine Lovatt and our Marketing Manager Sarah Davari recently enjoyed a day with our favourite stylist Elizabeth McMahon   View Article

How Secure is your Website ??

No, not our Website!!!  The wonderful world of the WWW - It started with an email late one Friday afternoon from a Brisbane based Liquidator advising our Gold Coast based Web designer had gone into Liquidation.   Anyway back to Friday   View Article

Promote Wellness in Your Workplace

Employees who are happy and healthy are likely to take less leave and have greater productivity. Even with limited resources, there are many simple steps to promote wellness in the workplace that will impact favorably on your business bottom line.   View Article

Keep Your Workforce Healthy this Winter

Winter is well and truly upon us and along with it, comes the dreaded flu season. A flu outbreak can greatly impede a small business or a close-knit office, seeing staff drop like flies. The result can have a huge   View Article

Making the Most of Your Office Space

Does your Landlord Work for You?A quality working relationship with your landlord is always ideal and even better, a landlord that cares and works for your business – which is a rarity in the present commercial leasing world. Maylake are   View Article

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