5 Star Green Star

Elkhorn Centre East, 29 Elkhorn Avenue, Surfers Paradise is a brand new commercial office project and the first 5 Star Green Star (v3 design rating) commercial office building in Surfers Paradise.


This project has been awarded a 5 Star Green Star - Office Design v3 certified rating from the Green Building Council of Australia which represents “Australian Excellence” in environmentally sustainable design.

The Green Star rating system is a comprehensive national, voluntary environmental rating system that evaluates the environmental design and construction of buildings.



Lower operating costs

Green buildings are built for high energy and water efficiency, so they are cheaper to operate. International research has confirmed that green buildings:

  • Consume 26% less energy than the average commercial building.
  • Generate 33% less greenhouse gas emissions.

Green buildings can provide tenants with a buffer against future increases in water and energy services costs and protect against services shortages. High efficient appliances, increased insulation, reduced lighting loads, passive solar heating and ventilation and water conservation measures all lead to more dollars in the bank.


Cost savings of $2million a year

A post refurbishment study of the 5 Star Green Star-rated 500 Collins Street in Melbourne found a 9% increase in typing speeds of secretaries and 7% increase in lawyers' billing rations, despite a 12% decline in the average monthly hours worked.


At the City of Melbourne's CH2, Australia's first 6 Star Green Star - Office Design rated building, productivity has risen by an impressive 10.9% since staff moved into their green office, with an estimated annual cost saving of $2million.


Green features pay for themselves.

Umow Lai's head office in South Yarra, Victoria, highlights the very real benefits of green buildings as staff productivity study of the building found new 6 Star Green Star office fit-out has trigger a 13% increase in staff productivity. Higher rates have been recorded for administration staff who spend the most time in the office.


For Managing Director of Umow Lai, Dominic Lai, the result is fantastic. "The productivity benefits we have achieved have effectively paid for the cost of our new fit-out" he says.


Sick leave falls by 39%

Sick leave is of keen interest to businesses because it has a significant impact on a company's operating cost. According to CCH Australia, a leading publisher of human resources and industrial relations publications, unscheduled worker absences cost Australia businesses $7 billion a year.


After moving into their green office, the legal firm at the 5 Star Green Star rated 500 Collins Street Melbourne reduced their sick leave by 39% - well below the national average. Whats more sick leave costs fell by 44%

71% energy savings on business as usual

Awarded the first 6 Star Green Star - Office Design v1 rating, the Szencorp Building at 40 Albert Road in South Melbourne reported major energy and water usage reductions after just two years of operation.


With energy savings of 71% and water savings of 94% (compared to the industry average ensured by NABERSWater rating of 25 Stars), the Szencorp Building demonstrates the very real benefit of operational efficiency.


4 Stars of 20% reduction in energy and water

The Power and Water corporation was awarded the Northern Territory first Green Star certification in 2009, setting a new benchmark for sustainable tropical design. The 4 Star Green Star-rated Ben Hammond Complex in Darwin has achieve a 20 % reduction in energy and water use across the site.

The implementation of glazed windows, insulation and a low velocity air conditioning system throughout the complex reduced overall energy demand in the warmer months - a victory in Darwin's hot tropical climate.


Good for the environment, good for business

When the management team at the Bendigo Bank decided to build new 5 Star Green Star certified headquarters, they saw it as an opportunity to demonstrate that corporate social responsibility starts at home. The Bendigo Bank's Managing Directors, Rob Hunt, says that green initiatives "are good for customers, good for the environment and good business for our bank."


Green enhances prestige

Operation from green facilities can attract new customers. The Bond University Mirvac School of Sustainable Development in Queensland, which operates from the first 6 Star Green Star rated educational facility in Australia, has identified a number f significant benefits of its green credentials, including attracting international students and developing research partnership with other prestigious universities around the world. These benefits, along side the environmental ones, have resulted in a sustainable financial return on their investment.


A Healthier Place to live and Work

According to the OECD's Environmentally Sustainable Buildings report (2003) , illness from outdoor air pollution has become one of our most acute building challenges - with building materials, ranging from paints to carpets - leading to occupational health issues.


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