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Top 5 Things Your Landlord Doesn't Want
You to Know (About Your Commercial Premises)


Is the Air-Conditioning reliable, working within requirements and regularly serviced on a maintenance contract. Do they have a daily cleaning and maintenance program in place. Do they have a system for easy reporting and quick attendance to any issue that may come up?


Do they have an asset management plan in place, have a look around, is your current building looking very tired, when was the air-conditioning or lifts upgraded last, what about the bathrooms are they modern, clean and tidy, does your building have shower facilities for your staff who may use the local gym or ride to work.


How is your current space, staff with no room to move ? Is your current landlord flexible with growth within their building or are you just a number? Can you upsize where space is available, will they help you with your design or layout.


Do your neighbours compliment you or are they bringing your image down. Has your landlord dropped the standard and just rented to anyone ? Have you got the right location? That professional image and right in the heart of the business district.


The fine print…... is your rent inclusive of all costs, nil outgoings or will you be receiving an additional bill for a % percentage of the buildings running costs, in reality part of the buildings common power, air-conditioning, Insurances, maintenance etc... The real unknown from year to year with escalating price rises that you will not know until the bill arrives !

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